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■ Aluminum coil, also named as rolled aluminum coil, is a classification of aluminum panel.
■ Aluminum coil is made of aluminum blank through rolling by rolling mill, trimming and annealing.
■ Aluminum coil is divided into hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil according to processing technics.
■ Aluminum coil is divided into pure aluminum coil and alloy aluminum coil according to materials.
■ Aluminum coil has extensive application, and aluminum coil for continuous stamping die is efficient, and saves the cost for customers.
■ Aluminum coil is widely used in electronic product processing, machine parts manufacture, pipeline heat insulation work, and other fields.
Our color coated aluminum coil is made of high-quality aluminum foil through introducing high technology, high-performance roller coating process and internationally advanced technology, effectively controlling the precision and evenness of panels, with uniform, clean and bright color. It is featured by excellent processability, durability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, pulverization resistance, decay resistance, ultraviolet irradiation resistance, and wear resistance, etc.
■ Product specification: A. thickness 0.036mm-0.60mm; B. width 1200mm-1500mm
■ Product Color: Various colors

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