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Aluminum Composite Panel is a new material after a series of processing.Alumi-num sheet is used as surface which have been polished and coated with lacquer.poly-ethylene is its core layer.

Aluminum plastic panel was produced by ALUSINGEN in Germany firstly.and then
imporoved through the FORKEN in Holland and ALOCA in America.After the 1900s,the
quality was steady and reached higher level.Since aluminum composite panle is
composed by two different materials (metal and the monmetal),it keeps the main char-acteristics of the original materials (metal aluminum,the nonmetal polyethylene plastic).On the other hand,it can overcome the deficiency of the original materials and gte numerous excellent performances,such as;lux-urious,colorful decorating,anti-corrosion,anti-hitting,fire prevention,damp-proof,sound insulation,heat insulation, aseismatic ,light,apt to process,easy to install and carry,it has comtribute to shorten the construct period and bring this material to a wide appli-cation prospect in notfar fu-ture.

As the material properties of aluminum plate on the many advantages it has been widely used in a variety of architectural decoration, such as ceilings, including columns, counters, furniture, telephone booths, elevators, stores, billboards, wall materials, such as factories, have become the three major In the walls (natural stone, glass curtain walls, metal curtain walls) on behalf of the curtain wall of metal in developed countries, the aluminum plate was used for bus, train fire in the manufacture, aircraft, ship noise materials, equipment design, such as box.






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